Design for Communality and Privacy

A.H. Esser Taal: Engels


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This book developed from the workshop, "Design for Communality and Privacy," convened by Aristide H. Esser at the 6th Annual Con­ ference of the Environmental Design Research Association in Lawrence, Kansas, April 1975. Since the late sixties, groups of behavior scientists and designers have been trying to engage in a common effort to improve our built environment. Thus, when in the 1974 meeting of the American Psychological Association such concepts as territoriality, privacy, personal space and crowding were discussed,1 the logical next step appeared to be translation of behavioral find­ ings into design recommendations. Most of the EDRA-6 workshop papers addressed these issues from a viewpoint potentially useful to designers, and these are included in the book. Subsequently, however, some papers were specially written for this collection to provide mqre balance in the range of topics. When a publisher was found, Barrie B. Greenbie joined as Editor to cover design issues. We thank all contributors for their efforts which made this book possible. Special thanks go to Alton J. DeLong'and his secre­ taries, Debbie Goldsmith and Tina Breegle, as well as Loretta Kaufman, who typed the manuscript. We are grateful for the assis­ tance and patience of Seymour Weingarten, Editor, and Stephen Dyer, Senior Production Editor, at Plenum Press. Aristide H. Esser Barrie B. Greenbie IGary W. Evans and Daniel L. Stokols (Eds. ), Special Issue on Privacy, Territoriality, Personal Space and Crowding, Environment and Behavior, Vol. 8, NO. 1, March 1976.
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