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The Energy Equation


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Most leaders are unaware of the powerful dynamics within their organizations as they function day-to-day. All too often, common occurrences go unexplained. Leaders are frequently at a loss to know why some initiatives succeed while others fail, why some interactions foster discord while others create productive harmony, and why some companies decline in their status quo while others continually reinvent themselves.

The Energy Equation outlines a groundbreaking new approach to marketplace success that accesses the powerful, internal workings of a business. The energy of any business is part of a physical system, and just like any form of energy, it can be drained and wasted or harnessed and optimized. In his pioneering book, Greg Baker--CEO of Advance Consulting--offers a radical contribution to management science that can drive change, improve collaboration, enhance performance, strengthen organizational health and agility, and much more.

The Energy Equation is a hands-on guide to help leaders "see" the energy in their companies, enabling them to understand why some things work and others don't. The traditional, surface-level management model is no longer viable in today's complex business environment. A much deeper view is needed if organizations are to thrive into the future. The Energy Equation offers the keys to unlocking the hidden power of energy in any business. Baker shows how to eliminate unnecessary conflict that saps the energy of a business and reveals what it takes to build business agility, boost employee engagement, and establish a positive culture throughout an organization.

Discover how to optimize daily business transactions, manage change, and prepare for the future of work. The Energy Equation is a powerful resource for any person or business seeking to adapt and prosper in the challenging global business environment.

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