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Write! Write! Write!


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Here are over 265 reproducible writing process activities that make writing fun for students in grades 4-8. Designed for minimal teacher input, activities are complete with directions written at the level of student understanding to help them master the writing process—pre-writing activities, including brainstorming alone or in groups, speedy writing of a first draft, revisions, and the final copy.

Organized into the following eight sections according to types of writing and level of difficulty, these ready-to-use lessons and activities are printed in a big 8-1/4" x 11" format that opens flat for copying:

PLAYING WITH LANGUAGE: 29 activities like Invasion of the Letter Snatchers and Batting Champ guide students into the fun of writing through words, phrases & sentences.

PARAGRAPH WRITING: 33 activities, including Outrageous Description and Captain Hook, offer experience in creating paragraphs, using the steps of the writing process.

SIMPLE ESSAYS: My Hero and 21st Century Inventions and 40 other activity pages give instruction and practice in composing simple essays.

MORE COMPLEX ESSAYS: 42 activities provide more advanced essay subjects and construction, including some business and technical subjects such as Making Better Schools and Music! Music! Music!

PERSONAL LETTERS: 30 activities such as A Buddy in Space and News from Home help students enjoy writing simple personal letters.

BUSINESS LETTERS: Job applications, letters of complaint, and other activities, 34 in all, such as Radio Station Rock 106 and Summer Cash, give students practice in writing business letters.

CREATIVE WRITING: 31 activities with titles like What’s Happening? and Irresistible Beginnings provide instruction and practice in writing descriptions, dialogue, characterization, and plots for stories.

VARIETY PACK: The final 31 activity pages present a variety of writing activities including journals (Who Am I?), journalism (Chasing the News), poetry (Flower Power), and more.

In short, you’ll find this innovative resource provides a wealth of stimulating activities to give your students the directed practice they need to learn to write clearly and competently and in a form all ready to copy as many times as you need them for use with individual students, small groups or an entire class!

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