Advanced Analytics and AI

Impact, Implementation, and the Future of Work

BOOBIER, Tony Taal: Engels


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Advanced Analytics and AI


€ 42,50

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Praise for
Advanced Analytics and AI

"There is no industry and profession which won't be transformed by analytics and artificial intelligence in the years to come. If you don't know where to start and learn about this topic, Tony Boobier's new book is your indispensable guide which will take you through a journey made of changes but mostly great opportunities."
--Paolo Sironi, IBM Academy member and Author; FinTech Thought Leader, Watson Financial Services

"If data is the new oil, then AI is the extraction mechanism fit for Industry 4.0. This book offers a thoughtful, timely and compelling overview of the myriad of possibilities brought to life by intelligent machines."
--Dr Rachael Gore, Head of Engagement, Insurance Nexus

"AI is quite the buzz in today's market landscape. However, the core of AI is the delivery of a quality insight to drive impactful business decisions. Written in an accessible and engaging style and aimed at the layperson, this book offers an insightful introduction to what it means to be an analytic driven enterprise - how AI fits into the spectrum but most importantly the business outcomes an analytic backbone can deliver. A pragmatic step-by-step guide also ensures one is not overwhelmed and offers prescriptive guidance on how and where to start and how to measure impact."
--Farhana Alarakhiya, Vice President - Products, RMS

"Tony's extensively researched book gives the reader a bird's eye glimpse into what a different place the world may be, sooner or later, thanks to analytics and AI. It makes for thought-provoking reading, irrespective of where the reader is in their career and analytics journey. Covering a broad range of topics that include training, implementation, leadership and personal development, Tony offers insight that one way or another almost all industry sectors and professions are likely to be affected. His knowledgeable words provide the reader with much food for thought and a timely opportunity to reflect on preparing for and tapping into the advancing world of analytics and AI."
--Rachel Bolt, Consultant, Freeths LLP, Solicitors

"Analytics and AI in all industries and professions place new challenges on existing and future leaders who need to be aware not only of the background of change, but also the implications. This is a book which no executive can afford to be without."
--Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley, Editor-In-Chief, The Executive Magazine

"Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are expressions that have become part of our reality and everyone is talking about them while most of us know little of what they really mean. In this book, Tony Boobier not only explains both concepts in a clear, accessible way, but he also goes on to tell us how they will impact multiple industries and professions in the near to medium future, and ultimately our lives. From the first example of a possibly similar disruptive moment in history to a life with robots as caretakers and companions, Tony takes us on a journey from the past to the present, and finally to a dangerously close sci-fi future - believe me, it's a journey you should not miss."
--Paula Rios, Executive Director, MDS Global Insurance and Risk Consultants

"With this engaging book, Tony has made an important contribution to the ongoing debate about AI and its impact on society. With clear definitions, he carefully steps us through the implications for different professions, potential risks and the future of work itself. His research and personal experience shine through the stories and case studies. Encouragingly, he does also have advice on new business models and personally preparing for this future. A must-read for leaders charged with helping guide their organisations through this revolution."
--Paul Laughlin, Executive coach and trainer; Founder, and Laughlin Consultancy

John Wiley & Sons Inc
304 pp.
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