Ma Llorona

A Ghost Story, a Love Story

GONZALEZ, Maya Taal: Engels


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Afwijkende levertijd: 32 - 34 werkdagen.
Ma Llorona


€ 16,95

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"I cry for all of us who bear the burden of these times."
One day at the river changed everything.
So begins the terror from the pale ones who remake the lands and the people to suit their pale vision.

But the ghost woman and her one true love conjure a plan.
Will La Llorona's heart be strong enough to fulfill it?

More importantly, when the time comes….will the people be ready?
In times filled with terror and torment, one woman's haunting grief rises from beyond to become the people's howl in the dark. Sometimes a heartache is so great, it belongs to everyone. Sometimes a healing is so powerful it holds within it the spark to change everything….if we're ready.
A queer reclamation of the classic Mexican ghost story, La Llorona, that spans the ages and the Americas (MesoAmerica 1500 to present day San Francisco) to reunite the people with their ghosts and mend what was torn apart.
In her debut YA novella, award-winning children's book artist and author Maya Gonzalez takes readers on an emotional and layered journey that weaves history with love, spirit with flesh, and merges ancient myths with current political times. Powerful themes of love, pre-colonial queer identity, sacred feminine, loss and endurance course through the pages as the story gathers and flows and gathers again to support healing, negotiate deep ancestral trauma and ultimately, transformation. In a style akin to poetic prose with a potent cathartic undercurrent that lies shimmering just beneath the surface, Ma Llorona's reach doesn't end at the page. Like a river, she will flow into your dreams, call up your ghosts and have you howling in the night.
"They called you La Llorona

And told terrible tales

But I know who you were

I know the truth

You are the woman

As big as all the stars

You are the woman

As big as all the land and sea

The river mirrors your face

The wind carries your wail

The grass and cool soil your beautiful body

When I am here

I am with you in total

You are never alone…

I know because

I am the woman

Who loves you forever

I will count every star and say I love you

A thousand times

Like our last night together, my love

I will tell the truth of your tale

A thousand times

So you remember who you once were

Your name is my name now

I am La Llorona

I cry for you

I cry for me

I cry for all of us

Who bear the burden of these times."
180 pagina's
21,3 cm x 14,6 cm x 1,5 cm
246 gram
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