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Promised to Idris


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I spent the night with the man of my dreams, and I promised him my soul. Now he's come to stake his claim.

The big beautiful man is a powerful prince in his realm

And he's used to getting what he wants.
Even when he's not dressed.

He lives in a beautiful palace with views to die for.

And now he wants me there by his side.

He wants me

Just humble, ordinary me

and only me


Mate, and it's for life.

From another world, the Raven Prince can take the form of a bird or a man, but he takes only one lover.

It's an opportunity too good to miss and an offer most people would grasp.

But am I ready to sacrifice everything I know to live so far away with the royal family in a palace that it's literally out of this world?

***This steamy low-angst romance is a rewriting of a fantasy book entitled Raven, which was published in 2017.***

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