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Chasing Nirvana


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Life is filled with obstacles.
But what if the biggest thing standing in your way - was you?

With the hazy sun drenched skies of Southern California as her backdrop, Meg finally has Jadon's love in her life, and in her bed. Then fate stepped in, masked in tragedy.

No longer able to write or play violin, Meg pulls closed the curtains of her heart. Having shaped her life through these two mediums, she struggles to find her identity. Then fate stepped in, masked as a friend.

Led down a promising trail, Devon once again pulls Meg into his world. But when Jadon's father, a retired police detective, decides to visit his son for the very last time, he senses danger, and can't resist protecting the woman his son loves - Meg.

Sometimes life unfolds gently. At other times, it uses a coarse hand. For Meg, everything she's ever hid behind gets taken away. When bringing something back to life, the old veneer must first be stripped away. And like an old piece of furniture, Meg now sits exposed.

But fate is a necessary force. It is no more kind than unkind. It has a mission to complete, whether we like its ways or not.

On the heels of receiving miraculous news, fate gives Meg her final challenge. This time it is she who rescues Jadon. And in the doing, its the last time Devon stands in her way.
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