Private Capital Investing

The Handbook of Private Debt and Private Equity

IPPOLITO, Roberto Taal: Engels


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Private Capital Investing


€ 59,95

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Praise for Private Capital Investing

"A successful private equity investor brings together a broad set of knowledge ranging from business and industry understanding to mastering of the transaction structuring (accounting, legal, tax, capital structure. . . ). While numerous textbooks provide students and professionals with the core principles of corporate finance, the necessary toolkit that is essential in private equity is not found in any book. Private Capital Investing fills this gap. The author goes far beyond the corporate finance framework to show how industry and accounting factors and deal structures can affect returns. Roberto Ippolito did an excellent job in bridging together academia and practice. A must-read for students and practitioners."
--Luca Bassi, Managing Director, Bain Capital Private Equity

"Private Capital Investing provides a practical yet intellectually rigorous guide to the key principles of deal structuring and analysis across LBOs, growth equity and private credit transactions. Mastery of this approach is essential for successful investing in asset classes like private equity and private debt. This new study equips the reader with the comprehensive approach used by leading investment firms and is an essential resource for both the investment practitioner and for professors and MBA students."
--Johannes Huth, Head of KKR EMEA

"As a new generation of professionals prepare to enter the City, Wall Street or other emerging financial centers, a solid technical foundation is more essential now than ever. The author has drawn from his broad deal experience in private equity and private debt to provide a unique insight on the various phases principal investors follow when analyzing a private investment opportunity. Private Capital Investing is a much-needed book: it is an absolute reference for those seeking a step-by-step, detailed and comprehensive approach to deal analysis. As such, it will surely become an indispensable guide to the art of private equity and private debt not only for professors, undergraduates and MBA students, but also for practitioners in ECM and DCM investment banking, consulting, private equity and private debt business."
--Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE, London Stock Exchange Group

"Private Capital Investing makes a topical contribution to the study of corporate finance by offering a holistic view of private investment across the capital structure of firms. Gone are the days of private capital investors being solely focused on equity returns, and this book equips the financial analyst with tools and insight applicable to the broad range of investment opportunities emerging in contemporary capital markets."
--Dr Robert Wardrop, Associate Professor, Cambridge Judge Business School; Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

"Private Capital Investing provides a thorough, comprehensive approach to deal analysis and structuring in a practical yet academically rigorous approach. The author masterfully combines a systematic framework of any topic relevant to deal analysis with practical, step-by-step examples (combined with accompanying Excel models). The book will become an indispensable guide to private equity and private debt for MBA students and for investment practitioners."
--Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance; Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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328 pp.
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