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This book is an annual publication on the relation between China and ASEAN countries. It presents comprehensive and in-depth studies on China-ASEAN cooperation and development by Chinese scholars. The book is composed of six parts. Part 1 contains the general report including the introduction of China-ASEAN cooperation, achievements and problems in politics, economy, diplomacy, security, military defense, maritime and cultural aspects. Part 2 studies the relation and cooperation between China and individual ASEAN nations, including the evaluation of each ASEAN nation's politics, economy, diplomacy, society and culture. Part 3 analyzes the building of China-ASEAN Community of Common Destiny, bilateral cooperation in the building of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, finance and ecological environment, China-ASEAN Expo and Guangxi-ASEAN cooperation. Part 4 studies important issues of Southeast Asia, including the South China Sea disputes, the missing Malaysia Airlines MH 370, progress in the building of ASEAN Economic Community, military coup in Thailand, anti-China events in Vietnam, and general election in Indonesia. Part 5 contains short commentaries on the key events happened in some ASEAN nations. Part 6 chronicles major events in China-ASEAN cooperation, in ASEAN nations and in Guangxi-ASEAN cooperation.
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