Mature Seduction: Thanksgiving 1


Hill's Secrets, #3

Jocelyn Lily Serie: Hill's Secrets | Taal: Engels

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"I'd always been attracted to Frank, the older man I'd known my whole life. After I went away to college I knew I'd finally have my chance to taste his swinger alpha lips and broad masculine shoulders. I never guessed we'd be playing footsie under the Thanksgiving table while his wife smiled at Billy!

I'll let him take his mature way with me any way he pleases, like my coed university skin is the Thanksgiving table.

I'll even let him stuff the backdoor turkey!" - Alison Hill.


"Another boring Thanksgiving. At least I'll get to see the fit athletic yoga teacher, Sarah. She wears the best tight yoga pants and is totally brazen with the way she prances about showing off her perky behind. Damn, but she's a sexy mature woman, a cougar that I'd love to let sink her claws into my chest.

I'd give anything to have her come downstairs, corner me alone, and eat her thanksgiving pie until we both explode!" - Billy Hill.


Give thanks with the Hill's and their older friends Frank and Sarah who come by for the holiday. Jess and Will met Frank and Sarah in college, and they've been great friends for all of Alison and Billy's lives.

Explore what happens in this dominant exchange where the older mature men and women impose their lust on two nubile innocent coeds.

You'll get ravenous as they feast on mature and young flesh, sampling all of the decadent cornucopia of food and drink Thanksgiving offers.

College freshman Alison explores her crush with older alpha male Frank, while Billy games alone in the basement until yoga master Sarah invades his space. Find out what he's going to stuff when she bends over and comments on the mods Billy's got installed on his "adult themed" Skyrim.

Jess and Will retreat to the upstairs shower to clean up after a long day of cooking, and explore cleaning up in their new renovated bathroom.

ebook EPUB
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