Risk-Based Policing

Evidence-Based Crime Prevention with Big Data and Spatial Analytics


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Risk-Based Policing


€ 42,50

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"Drives research while offering very practical steps towards using risk-based policing as a way of preventing crime." --Edmund McGarrell, Director, Michigan Justice Statistics Center and Professor, Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

Connects a risk-based approach to policing with evidence-based crime prevention techniques. A must-read both for students of place-based criminology and for crime analysts." --Cynthia Lum, author of Evidence-Based Policing

"Progressive police chiefs should add this book to their shelves if they want to understand the value of how risk terrain modeling fits into the evidence-based framework of policing. An effective and efficient approach to reducing and preventing crime." --Renée J. Mitchell, President of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

"The most transparent and non-discriminative evidence-based response to question of why crime occurs in a given location. Helps police and other city entities deploy resources in a fiscally responsible way as they choose among holistic approaches to successfully change that 'Why.'" --Major James Nolette, Fayetteville Police Department

"Timely and useful. A must-have for anyone working or interested in risk-based policing." --Martin A. Andresen, Professor, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University

"Full of practical examples, this book is a perfect guide for academics, policy makers, and practitioners interested in deepening or applying this innovative approach." --Marco Dugato, Senior Researcher at TRANSCRIME and Adjunct Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

"Concise, but providing sufficient depth to grant the reader a full understanding of the potential that risk terrain modeling (RTM) presents, this book is highly recommended! --Christopher M. Sedelmaier, Professor, Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, University of New Haven

"Written in a systematic and readable style, academics and practitioners will find this as the go-to resource for place-based analysis of crime. As the public demands safer streets and social justice, Risk-Based Policing provides the answer." --Kim Lersch, Professor of Criminology, University of South Florida

"Their approach is a welcomed and proven answer to the question of how to best ensure public safety while improving and maintaining fruitful relationships with community members."--Michael J. Jenkins, author of Policing the World

"With risk terrain modeling (RTM), law enforcement now has a where, a what, and an understanding of why. We can cultivate hope for communities living and working in targeted areas by addressing identified geographical locations with a defined purpose and strategy for change."--Kimberly Richards, Senior Crime Analyst, Fayetteville Police Department
University of California Press
168 pp.
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