The Reflexology Atlas


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HEALTH / BODYWORKOf all the ancient practices that have been revived by the growth of alternative healing, reflexology is one of the most popular and is especially well-suited to self-treatment, the treatment of a partner, or the treatment of children. The Reflexology Atlas is a fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide, the first to provide an overview of, and instructions for, each the many forms of reflexology--foot reflexology, hand reflexology, ear reflexology, head reflexology, and the total massage known as shiatsu. In the reflexology system it is possible to stimulate a distant organ or body part by massaging a corresponding "reflex zone" on the hand, foot, ear, face, or scalp. By examining the location of the reflex zones, one can visualize a projection of the entire human body superimposed over each of these massage locations. On the foot, for example, the big toe represents the head; the area at the base of the toes corresponds to the neck and shoulder girdle; the digestive organs can be massaged in the middle of the foot; the curves of ball, arch, and heel on the side of the foot mirror the curves of the spine; and the pelvic organs find correspondence just below the anklebone. Because the placement of the reflex zones makes intuitive sense, reflexology is easy to learn and can be applied anywhere.Reflexology provides a quick and effective treatment for many of the health disorders experienced by people in today's world. In an alphabetized symptom-by-symptom section, Drs. Kolster and Waskowiak offer reflexology techniques tailored to a wide variety of common health disorders, including allergies, joint problems, headaches, back pain, sleep disorders, and heart and circulatory problems. The Reflexology Atlas contains step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full color, that put the healing techniques of reflexology massage at your fingertips.BERNARD C. KOLSTER, M.D., is a physical therapist and doctor specializing in the various forms of reflexology. He has written a number of books on the topic in German and is the author in English of Partner Massage and Look After Your Back. ASTRID WASKOWIAK, M.D., is a doctor and medical scientific editor. She writes about general medicine, natural healing methods, and travel medicine. The authors live in Germany.
Inner Traditions Bear and Company
256 pp.
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