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King of the Sea: A Merman Romance


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New England Readers' Choice Award Winner!


"An unforgettable new series featuring mermaids/ mermen and their loves through history. " ~ Best Books to Read Now.


Moulin Rouge meets The Little Mermaid in The Sea of Love Series….

Beneath the dark mystery of the sea, an entire world of mermaids and mermen is ruled by a mighty sea king, known for ravishing maidens on the shore. Once betrayed, he vowed never to trust a human again. When his rebellious younger daughter falls in love with a mortal prince, King Triton rushes to the surface, swearing to seek revenge.

On the shores of Monte Carlo lies a glittering world of theatre and drama. Alexandra, orphaned and destitute, is desperate to make her mark as the greatest danseur ever to grace the European stage. Heartbroken after her foiled stage debut, Alexandra retreats to the beach, seeking solace in a dance all her own.

When Triton and Alexandra collide in a chance seaside meeting, their worlds will never be the same.

This is a tale of forbidden desires, of legend and myth, of a love story that transforms the world on the land and under the sea...forever.


The Sea of Love Series is a series of paranormal historical fantasy romances featuring daring mermaids, passionate mermen and the humans who have more than met their match.A family saga and fairytale retelling, Sea of Love uses The Little Mermaid as inspiration for a golden era of mer-human relationships, and their effects on global events. Although inter-connected, these books can be read as standalones.

King of the Sea (Book 1 in the Sea of Love Series) is a merman romance novella. It's Moulin Rouge meets The Little Mermaid with a smoldering hot mythological silver fox demigod twist. No daddy issues, but plenty of yes, please!

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