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The Bullseye Principle


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The Bullseye Principle is your complete guide to the award-winning, three-step process to influencing others through engaging and persuasive communication. This acclaimed methodology uses the same techniques that professional actors have utilized for centuries to appear confident, credible and compelling to their audiences. Now, in this step-by-step guide to The Pinnacle Method(TM), you can get what you want by becoming an intention-based communicator.

Way too often, we make unconscious assumptions about how our audience perceives us when we communicate. By not paying attention to such critical conveyors as voice, message, and body language, the point of our communication often falls short or is lost all together. The intuitive methodology inside gives you a robust toolset of performer-based secrets to use in a psychologically grounded approach to influencing your audience's behavior in meetings, during presentations or while interviewing for a job.

David Lewis and G. Riley Mills are two innovators who have brilliantly combined proficiencies in acting and corporate management to create an empowering system of communication that is the heart of their internationally-recognized firm Pinnacle Performance Company. This timely follow-up to their widely-popular The Pin Drop Principle fully updates the real-world examples of how this unique methodology is used by leading organizations across the globe to inspire behavior change by influencing emotion.

Determine what you need from your audience and deliver the message that'll get it for you with The Bullseye Principle.

For more information, please visit www.pinper.com.

"This book has a wealth of practical advice and practices for people who want to make an impact through being authentic and effective communicators."
--Patrick Boyle, Chief Learning Officer, Underwriters Laboratories

"Lewis and Mills' understanding of communication and its influence on human relations is masterful. The Bullseye Principle is a MUST for anyone tasked with leading...and a must not-miss for everyone else!"
--Gernot Schulz, internationally acclaimed conductor, and former conductor for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

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