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The Airbnb Way: 5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging


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"The Airbnb Way explores the 'how' of hospitality. It offers actionable examples of hospitality principles as shared through the stories of Airbnb leaders, guests, and hosts alike. This book is relevant for anyone who seeks to drive a welcoming and differentiated brand experience. It is for those who chose 'to be a host'--in the sharing economy, their service business, or personal life."
--Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor of Airbnb

"Joseph Michelli shares his insights in yet another great book, this time about Airbnb. He's a master of understanding what makes successful companies tick and then sharing his discoveries with the reader. While the principles in this book are straightforward, you'll learn both the basics and the graduate level skills of creating a great organization. You'll enjoy learning about an iconic brand from an iconic author."
--Mark Sanborn, Top 5 Leadership Gurus - globalgurus.net, Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author

"The Airbnb Way is a book about belonging, empowerment, trust, hospitality, and community. Joseph shares practical tips on differentiating your corporate or personal brand, elevating your service level, and innovating solutions to meet employee and customer needs. Michelli's new book can help you drive culture and create outstanding experiences for those you serve."
--Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com and New York Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness "Airbnb is a company that has changed the way many people travel and given many individuals a path to entrepreneurship. With a commitment to building a company culture that promotes belonging, trust, empowerment, and community, Airbnb leaders inspire hosts to create magical and memorable travel. In this book Joseph Michelli takes you into the world of Airbnb leaders, employees and hosts. He offers insights on how you can differentiate your personal or corporate brand-fueled by stories told The Airbnb Way."
--Michael E. Gerber, New York Times bestselling author of The E-Myth books "The Airbnb Way provides insights on how Airbnb leaders create a culture of hospitality. More important, it shows how the Airbnb host community welcomes and fosters belonging for guests across the globe. In The Airbnb Way, Joseph Michelli provides a roadmap for delivering engaging and differentiating branded interactions. The book's practical tools apply broadly. Whether you are engaged in the sharing economy or are a global leader seeking to drive memorable experiences across your organization, you will want to spend some time learning from this book."
--Alfred Lin, partner at Sequoia Capital "The Airbnb Way, Michelli's latest masterpiece, describes leadership and business lessons that every leader and organization must take in. Belonging, trust, hospitality, empowerment, and community are key tenets for all people-oriented businesses and this book is a must read for those that serve others."
--David Feinberg, VP Google Health "I've spent my career helping companies transform their customer experiences. Many of the lessons I share with my clients are echoed in the pages of The Airbnb Way. In it, Joseph Michelli helps you understand what it means to 'host' and deliver hospitality--no matter where or what you seek to offer customers. Through The Airbnb Way you will learn from Airbnb leaders and hosts as they drive magical end-to-end experiences."
--Jeanne Bliss, 5 Time Chief Customer Officer, Customer Experience Pioneer, and author of bestselling books, including Would You Do That to Your Mother? and Chief Customer Officer "I know the importance of convenience and emotionally engaging experiences. The Airbnb Way captures stories and insights to help you make it easier for your customers to work with you. It also shares the leadership genius that fueled a transformative travel brand. This is not just a book for hospitality professionals. It is written for anyone who wants to make the lives of those they serve better and more convenient."
--Shep Hyken, customer service/experience expert and New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution

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