Commercial Property Valuation

Methods and Case Studies


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Commercial Property Valuation


€ 59,95

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Praise for
Commercial Property Valuation

"This book is focused on a thorough understanding of the inputs into both implicit and explicit valuation methods, and uses a set of highly practical examples for readers to follow."
--Prof. Andrew Baum, Professor of Practice, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"Property valuation is both an art and a science and first principles are essential knowledge in a world where electronic 'black boxes' are asserting themselves. This body of work is an excellent place to start."
--Tony Crabb, Director - Research, Cushman & Wakefield Australia

"The market desperately needs a succinct instructional book on Commercial Property Valuation and this text by Giacomo Morri and Paolo Benedetto fills the gap. It clearly instructs the appraiser to select appropriate methods given the information available and type of property under analysis. At the same time, it is more than an appraisal book. It covers fundamentals of user decisions, fundamental drivers of demand and supply and risk metrics which should impact required yields and value. The length is such that we can require and actually expect readers to utilize the entire book. We are going to switch to this book as soon as it is available."
--Prof. Norman G. Miller, Ernest W. Hahn Chair of Real Estate Finance, University of San Diego

"Commercial Property Valuation: Methods and Case Studies is a valuable addition to existing books on property valuation. Focusing less on the maths, the book is very readable but rigorous at the same time. Blending the professional and academic experience of the two authors, the chapters are comprehensive and well-written. The accompanying cases provide realistic and clear illustration on the different valuation methods and scenarios. This book is highly recommended for students and practitioners in commercial property appraisal as well as those seeking to build a strong foundation in property development, investment and asset management because valuation is an integral part of every real estate decision."
--Prof. Joseph Ooi, Professor of Real Estate, National University of Singapore

"This book will interest of course every real estate professional who wish to deepen their knowledge on real estate valuations. But beyond that, this book brings for sure a welcomed and worthwhile contribution to our industry and, more broadly, to the economy as it shows the way to raise the bar of valuation practices thanks to a sophisticated and rigorous but always pragmatic approach. This can just reinforce trust in the real estate business sector; a fundamental aspect in the always turbulent markets."
--Vincent Vinit, Chief Risk Officer, Generali Real Estate S.p.A.

John Wiley & Sons Inc
240 pp.
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