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The Business of Nation Building


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The name Douglas Orane is well known in business circles within and outside of Jamaica. Best known for his tenure of leadership at Jamaican Conglomerate, GraceKennedy Ltd, which he joined in 1981, until his retirement as CEO in 2011, Orane has also been President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (for two terms between 1992 and 1994) and an Independent Senator in the Jamaican Senate, a position which he held for four and a half years. An engineer by training, and a graduate of the Harvard Business School, Douglas Orane possesses an active social conscience and leverages his position as a leader of industry to highlight the possibilities in Jamaican society.

In The Business of Nation Building, Orane’s voice rings loud and clear and the messages from as early as 1983 still resonate. From Entrepreneurship to Sports, Private and Public Sector Management to Youth Development, Women, Productivity, Leadership, and the Diaspora and beyond, his passion for country and prescription for its ills are exemplary.

Spanning 30 years and 17 topics, this collection of the salient excerpts of Orane’s most poignant speeches is a must-read for any person, young and not so young. Continuing his philanthropic example beyond the boardroom, Douglas Orane demonstrates his overwhelming love for Jamaica and its people with the gift of this book which will leave the reader confident in self and optimistic of a brighter future for us all.
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