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Four Hoboken Stories


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Daniel Pinkwater is so obviously the funniest writer of children's books that he should be made a Living National Treasure, declared The Washington Post Book World. Young readers can join Pinkwater on a rollicking visit to his beloved New Jersey metropolis of Hoboken with these four hilariously imaginative tales--collected together for the very first time!
The Magic Moscow--An ice cream vendor adopts a pup descended from Hercules, canine companion of Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon, leading to chaos at the dog show and a mysterious case of dognapping.
Attila the Pun--When a middle-aged hippie calling himself Lamont Penumbra, Mystic Seer, conjures up a reincarnation of Attila the Hun's brother, the fifth-century jokester quickly wears out his welcome with his nonstop witticisms.
Jolly Roger, A Dog of Hoboken--Part Husky, part Chow, Jolly Roger likes to hang out with the tough dogs along the riverside. But he has to defeat the top dog, Brutus MacDougal Bugleboy, to become king of the waterfront.
Looking for Bobowicz (A Hoboken Chicken Story)--Nick's not crazy about moving to the city, but things start looking up when he meets new friends with a stash of Classics Comics and a radio tuned to the sweet sounds of a pirate station. There's also the intriguing matter of catching a bicycle thief and figuring out the truth behind reports of a rampaging giant chicken.

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