Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Handbook

R. Kerry Rowe Taal: Engels


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This handbook aims to discuss, in one vol­ Notwithstanding the effort that was made to ensure that each chapter is as correct as ume, a wide array of topics that have entered practicable, there is little doubt that some er­ the mainstream of geopractice (i. e. geotech­ nical and geoenvironmental engineering) rors (typographical or otherwise) will creep over the past two decades, while at the same into a document of this size, especially in its time not losing sight of the more conven­ first printing. Readers are requested to advise tional aspects of the discipline that remain a the undersigned of any errors (typographical core part of the work of geoprofessionals. or otherwise) or significant omissions they These topics range from conventional satu­ identifY-to the extent possible they will be rated soil mechanics, to unsaturated soil be­ corrected in subsequent printings. havior, rock mechanics, hydrogeology and I am indebted to the numerous contribu­ geosynthetics. The book deals with pave­ tors to this book who have labored, in their ments, shallow and deep foundations, em­ "spare time" to produce a manuscript, re­ bankments, slopes, retaining walls, buried spond to editorial and reviewer comments, and helped provide what I hope will be useful structures, dynamics and earthquakes, risk assessment and management, contaminant contributions to the profession. transport, groundwater monitoring, and con­ Finally, lowe a deep debt of gratitude to tainment, treatment and remediation of con­ my family (Kathy, Katrina, Kieron and Ken­ taminated sites.
Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
1087 pp.
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