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THE Potty Boot Camp


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ENLIST YOUR CHILD TODAY AND BE DIAPER FREE FOREVER! Are you trying to figure out the best way to potty train your child, but don't know how? No time to do research? I'm a Mom who spent hours researching the internet and various books looking for some "magical" potty training method. Much to my disappointment, there isn't one!! After spending a lot of money on texts and downloadable guides, I decided to combine a few different methods of training as taught by the "experts".....and it worked on my 20 month old daughter! More times than I can count I've been asked by friends and other moms about just how I trained my daughter at such a young age....so I decided to write it all down in a concise and step-by-step manner. The result is what I now call The Potty Boot Camp! If you have done much research about toilet training, you probably have heard of the "Train in a day" method, the "Naked and $75" method, the "Timer Method", and more. The concept behind The Potty Boot Camp is to combine the best of the best potty training programs. With my training method, your child will train in four phases: Prep Work, "Boot Camp", Reinforcement, and Maintenance. Not all children are the same, so it is unrealistic to think that any one potty training method will work for every child. With The Potty Boot Camp, if your child just is not "getting it" during one phase, they will most likely catch on as you move on to the next. Many parents ask me if this toilet training program will work for their child. Although I have always said that I can't promise it will work for every family, I have yet to have any reports of this program failing to work! Ninety percent of the potty training with The Potty Boot Camp is completed in just one day! You will spend some time making the potty a part of your child's every day routine prior to actually have them try to use it. This phase is followed up by a couple days of hard work - but most children are diaper and accident free within a week! The Potty Boot Camp is one of the only toilet training methods that is short, sweet, and to-the-point. It is the only training program that I have found that approaches the process in a no-nonsense manner. You won't be bored by theory, and the eBook is easily read during naptime. Your purchase of The Potty Boot Camp will save you $800 per year in diapers. I can't think of a better return for your money!
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