Alkaline Body: “Discover the Ultimate Healthy Body Condition”

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Body Acids

This book is all about how you can create an alkaline body. It is well known that most people have an acid body; otherwise, there would not be so much sickness and suffering in this world.

Excess acids in your body burn and give you pain. What acids do in your body is to destroy tissue and organs. This results in illness and disease. Are you fed up with being sick or sickly? Now, with the information in this book, you can overcome your poor health. Or, you can take your good health and make it rock solid – no more illness.

Alkaline Body

What does an alkaline body give you? It gives you a solid foundation of health, with a strong immune system that helps you fight off illness, disease, and parasites, where you win.

This is not a book about alkaline recipes, but it does give you information about the alkaline foods you need to eat. Then, you can create your own recipes and develop an alkaline diet. This book gives you the tools and techniques that you can use to turn your acid body into a system that can resist illness.

Are You Sick Now?

If you are sick, then be prepared to leave that sickness in the past. You can now use the techniques that will give you more life. These nutritional techniques don't suddenly give you good health, after a few weeks. This information gives you a way to gradually develop a new lifestyle. When you continue to use these ideas, you start to solidify your health.

Don't let your health head towards an irreparable condition as most people do.

Using pH Litmus Paper

You will learn how to monitor your body's acidic condition, using pH litmus paper. You can use this paper to measure your initial body's liquids and then continue to monitor them, as you apply the changes recommended, in this book.

With litmus pH paper, you measure your saliva and urine. Using these readings, you can start making changes, in your eating habits. Then you can re-measure your saliva and urine, weeks later, to see what improvements you have made.

Body Cleanse

To get you started in this short program of creating an alkaline body from an acid body, you need to do a short body cleanse. This will get rid of excess acids, in your body. This is an easy body cleanse that you can finish in 3 to 4 days.

This cleanse will eliminate your constipation if you have it. It will also cleanse your blood, lymph, and body. It will give you a fresh start, with a minimum of acid in your body. Then with the concepts in this book, you will continue to eliminate the acid waste that is destroying your body.

Don't waste time on other ideas that promise superior health or weight loss. Develop a strong healthy foundation, and then pursue other methods of taking your health to a higher level. Start with a solid foundation, before you start building the next levels of your health.

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ebook EPUB
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