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Stratulat, F: Linear Control Systems


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Linear Control Systems with MATLAB® contains 9 chapters and 4 annexes, while each chapter is divided into a short theoretical presentation and a second part of applications, supported by MATLAB®. Examples are focussed on a systemic approach of design and are devoted to induce the user expertise into analysis, the capacity of abstract thinking and theoretical understanding and developing of approaches for an appropriate solving algorithm, the use of MATLAB® Libraries and the evaluation of the obtained results for further approaches. This part is detailed and is leading the user into the basic mathematical principles, is preparing him to select of the solving solution, while MATLAB® routines are supporting him. Each chapter contains examples that illustrate all the presented concepts while is demonstrating the theoretical support. On this way it helps users, students, pre- and post PhD-fellows or scientists, to gain a deeper understanding of key terms and usual approaches, to connect the concepts and/or to extrapolate them into real practical situations. The book covers both discrete and continuous systems. While mechanical, electrical and computer engineering students need a solid background in both areas, coverage of that scope does justice to neither. A CD with MATLAB® sources of all exercices is attached to the book.
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