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Yoga Massage for Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum


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A NEW, NON-TRADITIONAL APPROACH TO PRENATAL THAI YOGA MASSAGE Thai Yoga massage is the ideal, manual method that a woman can hope for in pregnancy, in the birthing room, and in the months that follow birth. The line work, the pressure of key points, squeezing, rotating, mobilizations, and especially the stretches and Yoga- like postures are exactly what she needs. I was lucky to treat many pregnant women before ever learning of the many limitations that I am "supposed" to put on the treatment session. My experience has taught me that most pregnancy massage "formal" limitations are far too exaggerated. This guidebook was written to encourage you to put fewer limitations on your treatment and to use the many different postures, as long as they feel appropriate to you and as long as your pregnant client likes them. This guidebook presents 25 treatment routines for common pregnancy, labor and postpartum discomforts. The original version of these routines were put together in 2003 by me, Eran Goldstein, and Idit Tyroler. This content was part of a thesis that Eran and Idit were writing at the end of their "Dula" (labor companion) course. This thesis was used as a manual in the pregnancy massage workshops for my students in Israel. I revised these routines with Motke Eilon for this new edition. These are not traditional Thai massage treatment routines. We are the originators of this collection of treatment protocols. The pressure techniques and stretches, however, are all taken from Thai massage. INTRODUCTION TO: Maternal physiological changes - complaints and discomforts Treatment safety Miscarriage statistics and treatment in first trimester What are the "prohibited" points? Labor-inducing acupressure points The lines of the inner leg and venous thromboembolism Supine position in pregnancy Twists, back-bends, forward bends and inversions Psychological stress and pregnancy outcome THE TREATMENT ROUTINES : Painful period / Menstrual cramps Insomnia Stress, Anxiety and mood swings Frequent and urgent urination Nausea / Morning sickness Exhaustion / Fatigue Constipation Abdominal pain Heartburn Nasal congestion, snoring and nose bleeds Shortness of breath / Suffocation Edema / Swelling Hemorrhoid / Pile / Varicose veins Anemia Dizziness, fainting and blurred vision Itchiness, rashes, red palms and soles of feet Headache Cough Lower back and pelvic girdle pain (PGP) Preparation for labor, pre-birth treatment Getting ready for labor In the birthing room Postpartum Inconsistent flow of breast milk Abdominal pain after birth Baby blues / Postpartum depression Constipation after childbirth
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