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The Essential Guide to Multiple Sclerosis


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Latest estimates from the Multiple Sclerosis Society say

there are approximately 100,000 people in the UK living

with multiple sclerosis (MS). Once such a diagnosis

would have meant the sufferer facing a bleak future,

but research is being done all the time and knowledge

of this complex and unpredictable illness is growing.

Written by an author who was diagnosed with MS nine years

ago, this comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the

condition. Aimed at those who have been recently diagnosed

and those who've had the disease for a while, this book

explains what MS is, the symptoms and how it is diagnosed,

treatments, other physical complications and how it will affect

different areas of a sufferer's life. Information is also given for

those who are working with or caring for a person who has MS.

Whether you have the condition yourself, are a carer,

or just someone who wants to know more about

the illness, this essential guide gives all the basic

facts in a straightforward and friendly manner.

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