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Student Planner and University Diary 2019-2020


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An indispensable university planner for students. This combined student planner and academic diary contains everything you need for University life including 2019/20 diary pages to ensure you never miss an event, meeting or social must-do. Study planner templates will help you stay on top of coursework deadlines, revision timetables, and exams. A practical personal finances guide, "to-do" lists that make up student life, notes pages and a whole heap of useful study skills hints and tips from the authors of the Study Skills series are also included.

New features for our 2019-20 Student Planner includes:

  • How University Works - Fantastic for freshers and those students needing an outline of how the University year, schools and faculties are structured, along with the names of key university staff members.

  • Your university course - a dedicated area to record your module details,and results

  • Using source material responsibly - guidance on plagiarism, paraphrasing, citing and referencing your work.

  • Added Colour as recommended by our student panel to encourage quick and easy navigation

  • Along with all the fantastic features you can usually come to expect from our University planner and academic diary such as;

  • A first weekUniversity checklist. To ensure your academic year starts without a hitch.
  • An easy to reference planner, for each study period of the academic year.

  • Monthly planner and 'to do' lists. A handy overview of any key events, enabling you to plan and remember those important assignment deadlines, tutorials and social events.

  • Week-to-view academic diary. Designed to help you organise your week.

  • Monthly and weekly study skills. Tips to help you be proactive and effective in your learning activities, ensuring you produce work that meets high standards.

  • This planner and academic diary is ideal for students of all levels and subject areas in further and higher education.

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