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Strategic Marketing Management


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Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? Which way is best? And how can we ensure arrival?

Strategic Marketing Management earned its place as a classic textbook by building marketing strategy around a few simple questions. This immediately accessible structure has long made it the go-to textbook for intelligent marketing students that want to take a strategic view of marketing's core principles.

This book also includes a lucid section on the challenging topic of management control, making it the only core textbook to cover every strategic stage of the marketing planning process so completely.

This long-awaited fourth edition combines this text's popular features, like its summative tables and careful balance of theory with topical examples and vignettes, with a fresh new colour layout and substantial new content and revisions, including:

Additional pedagogy in the form of case exercises and activities and end of chapter questions

The digital marketplace and consumer

Methods for marketing environment analysis

Contemporary issues in strategic marketing planning

International marketing

The book also includes a new collection of international cases studies. and includes a suite of teaching aids including an instructor's guide and PowerPoint slides.

This new edition brings this authoritative and influential textbook into the heart of today's challenging market environment, and ensures it will remain a key resource for students of business and marketing.

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