The The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

WOODS, Craig Taal: Engels


€ 14,95

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""Do you believe the workings of your mind have an effect on the world around you? If you truly believe so, then what are you going to do about it? Knowing this truth on the level of the intellect may satisfy your thirst for knowledge for a little while but the practical application of such knowledge is what's truly important. Enter The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. If you're someone who struggles to put the information you read into practice then this work will assist you in doing so. The simple method of picking up the book and opening it at the section relevant to what the present moment contains whenever your state of being wavers will turn you into a conscious creator of your physical reality experience. Take my hand as I guide you through the Labrinyth of your mind, into the transcended bliss of your natural state, where everything you need is synchronistically waiting to find to you, in perfect timing. Let's transform the darkness of lies and illusion within ourselves, let's be the change we wish to see in the world and transform our society, together.""
Austin Macauley Publishers
258 pp.
Literaire fictie
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