Cross-Cultural Aesthetics

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Articles + Daniel Avorgbedor: Preface + Lawrence Kramer: Music, Cultural Mixture, and the Aesthetic + Ian Chambers: Some Notes on Neapolitan Song: From Local Traditon to Worldly Transit + Judith L. Hanna: Aesthetics - Whose Notions of Appropriateness and Competency, What Are They and What Do We Know? + Marc Benamou: Comparing Musical Affect: Java and the West + Ben Koen: The Spiritual Aesthetic in Badakhshani Devotional Music + Chan E. Park: Poetics and Politics of Korean Oral Tradition in a Cross-cultural Context + Cheryl L. Keyes: The Aesthetic Significance of African American Sound Culture and Its Impact on Popular Music Style and Industry Book Reviews (Tina K. Ramnarine, ed.) + Sofia Joons: Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert and Richard Middleton, eds. The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction + Jonathan McIntosh: Bruno Nettl, Encounters in Ethnomusicology: A Memoir + Tina K. Ramnarine: Margaret J. Kartomi. The Gamelan Digul and the Prison Camp Musician Who Built It: An Australian Link with the Indonesian Revolution + Tina K. Ramnarine: Andy Nercessian, ed. Old Armenian Songs: A Nineteenth Century Collection by Ghewond Alishan CD Reviews (Gregory F. Barz, ed.) + James Porter: Scottish Tradition, vol. 1-19. School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, Greentrax Recordings, 1993-2000 + Mark Slobin: Before the Revolution: A 1909 Recording Expedition in the Caucasus and Central Asia by the Gramophone Company. Compiler: Will Prentice for the British Library National Sound Archive. Topic Records. + Edda Brandes: Niger - Musique des Touaregs/Music of the Tuaregs. Vol. 1: Azawagh. Vol. 2: In Gall. Archives internationales de musique populaire. Musee d'ethnographie de Geneve. Fieldworkers: Francois Borel and Ernst Lichtenhahn. VDE-Gallo + James R. Newell: (1) Davie Stewart: Go On, Sing Another Song - (2) Jimmy MacBeath: Tramps and Hawkers - (3) John Strachan: Songs From Aberdeenshire. - (4) Two Gentlemen of the Road: Jimmy MacBeath and Davie Stewart. - The Alan Lomax Collection: Portraits. Rounder Records + Gregory Barz: Domba 1956-1958: A Personal Record of Venda Initiation Rites, Songs, and Dances, film by John Blacking, Accompanying Study Guide by John Baily and Andre Grau. The Society for Ethnomusicology About the Contributors
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157 pp.
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