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Digital Disruptive Innovation


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'Its focus is the major theme of digital innovation and it tries to go beyond the hype associated with much of the discussion of this important area ... The discussion in the book stresses the need to move our thinking about innovation beyond the level of enterprise to consider ecosystems and complementary assets ... Overall this is a useful book, not least because in addition to opening up key lines for further research enquiry the book also has a strong international flavour with contributions from a wide and diverse set of contexts.'International Journal of Innovation ManagementThere is no doubt that digital technologies have the potential for disruptive innovation in a wide range of sectors, both in manufacturing and services, and the commercial and social domains. However, popular commentaries on the potential of digital innovation to disrupt have suffered from two extreme positions: either, simplistic technological determinism, often promoted by technology vendors, claiming that the impending widespread automation of products and services will provide step-changes in productivity and new products and services; or alternatively, very high-level broad discussions of business model innovation in traditional sectors, private and public. However, the impacts will not be universal, and the outcomes will be highly-differentiated. More fundamentally, neither a narrow technological perspective or broad business view adequately captures the appropriate level of granularity necessary to understand the potential and challenges presented by digital innovation. In this book, Digital Disruptive Innovation, we apply innovation concepts, models and research to provide greater insights into strategies for, and management of, digital innovation.
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