Ergomechanics 2 - 2. Interdisciplinary Conference on Spinal Column Research

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What is the right sitting position? What is ergonomically correct? What are the prerequisites for keeping the spine healthy during sitting? These are common topics for ergonomists. However, there are more scientific disciplines, which may be able to contribute to these questions. Ergomechanics represents the exchange of knowledge between the fields of ergonomics and biomechanical engineering. In addition, scientists from other fields including: orthopaedics, rehabilitation, psychology, physiology, pathology, cell biomechanics, microbiology, biochemistry also may contribute new findings. For several years, the exchange of knowledge with regard to sitting has been strongly supported by the companies Grammer AG and SATO Office GmbH. To avoid having the knowledge stay between the "four walls" of these companies, the idea of an ergomechanics conference was conceived and held for the first time in 2001, to spread information among a wider audience. Leading international scientists, who have spent years analyzing biomechanical loading of the spine, comprehensively summarized and presented their results at the conference. Due to the great success of the first conference, a second one was held on September 29th 2005, again in Amberg. At this second conference, ergomechanics2, we again succeeded in bringing together important scientific leaders to present up-to-date spinal research. This conference concluded that we still do not fully understand the reasons for back pain or disc degeneration or know the best treatments strategies. However, one can assume that the way of sitting influences the loading of the spine. If not combined with vibrations, sitting is not as unhealthy as previously thought. It was agreed at the conference that a seated postion involving some motion is benefitial to maintain healthy spinal structures. The most benefitial motion for the spine during sitting maybe a continual change between a lordotic and kyphotic position. This book ergomechanics2 contains again comprehensive summaries of the conference proceedings and is available in either a German or English language version.
Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
137 pp.
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