Quotations in Physics, Philosophy and Psychology

Compiled and illustrated by Claus Grupen

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No doubt some of you are on a quest for profound insights into the nature of the cosmic forces that shape our world. Others are looking for that special quote to spice up their next lecture or keynote speech. But let's face it. Most of you are simply on the prowl for a wisecrack that will make them shine at tonight's dinner party. No need to be ashamed. Claus Grupen has been there himself, and back again. A native of Northern Germany and sometime resident of places as far apart in location and lifestyle as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Japan, he is a noted scientist, an accomplished draughtsman, a loving husband, a long-suffering father of two, an avid lover of wine and jazz, a celebrated composer of chess problems, and the most senior advisor to his home town's fire brigade. Who could dream up an occasion this guy wasn't born ready for? Spanning three millennia, his collection of quotes from the fields of physics, philosophy, and psychology is a treasure trove of learning, erudition, and humor. Eclectic and subjective as it may be, you can be sure it holds something for all us sinners. Readers will have a hard time putting it down, and when they do, it will leave them amused, enriched, and inspired. May many of you take guidance from the words of the great George Berkeley: "What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind."
424 pp.
Theologie, Esoterie & Filosofie
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