The New Era of the Cco

The Essential Role of Communication in a Volatile World

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The world of business is constantly changing, as is the role of the corporate communicator. This volume adds to the Business Expert Press series on public relations edited by Don W. Stacks and Donald K. Wright by explicating the new role of the senior corporate communicator officer, the CCO, in an ever-expanding world of international corporations. The volume is based on an explication of corporate communication that sees the role of corporate communication as engaging an enterprise's internal and external stakeholders. It also posits that today's business communication challenges go beyond the corporate and into the enterprise-that is, communication's role has expanded into the level of the enterprise. The proposed book will utilize the talent of senior CCOs of the Arthur Page Society, an organization of over 600 of the world's leading senior communication officers. Focus will be on several important elements of successful enterprise communication: building and maintaining reputation and trust, creating corporate character, authentic stakeholder engagement, and based on new research how the role of communication in the enterprise is changing the future CCO's responsibilities and duties. The book has several goals and objectives. First, to provide the latest in thinking about the role and functions of corporate communication in enterprise success. Second, to help CEOs and other C-Suite executives understand how they can work effectively with the CCO to build corporate character and stakeholder advocacy. Third, provide a resource for classes in corporate communication to help them prepare about the reality of the new enterprise communications. Along with these goals are several objectives. First, to explicate the new realities of enterprise communication in such a way that it is readily accessible to a number of readers, including students, CCOs, the communication team, CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CHROs, CIOs and so forth. Second, to set the baseline for new thinking on enterprise communications. Third, to provide factual examples of corporate communication that explicate the case being made across the book. To do this the book will be written by both academic and professional members of the Arthur W. Page Society. Each chapter will have at least one academic and one or more professionals whose expertise brings home the strategic value of enterprise communication as well as its practice. As with the entire series, the academic brings to the book the strategic theories employed across enterprise communications and the professional brings home both actual practices and cases.
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