The Ultimate Citizen's 2020 Election Guide

101 Nonpartisan Solutions to All the Issues that Matter

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Will Donald Trump's Mexican border wall actually make our country safer? How much will Bernie Sanders's Medicare for All plan really cost American taxpayers?

You'll find the answers in this book. The 2020 US presidential election doesn't seem so much a battle of ideas as it does a war of two tribes bent on the other's destruction. The Far Left and Far Right increasingly dominate and drive America's political debate, leaving a majority of Americans feeling left out and left behind. The Ultimate Guide to the 2020 Election gives a voice to this majority and provides an unbiased education on the true nature of the problems America faces on several key issues, including:

* Health Care
* Energy & Climate Change
* Infrastructure
* Big Tech & Privacy
* The American Dream
* Immigration
* The National Debt
* Gun Safety

Beyond these policy issues, No Labels senior advisors Ryan Clancy and Margaret White present ideas for rescuing American democracy itself. Complete with sample questions for the 2020 presidential candidates and an inclusive Unity Agenda that addresses concerns on both sides of the aisle, this nonpartisan political handbook should be required reading for all US voters.
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