Shadow For Hire Books 1-4

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A LitRPG Series Bundle

This bundle contains the first four books in the ongoing Shadow For Hire LitRPG series.

Book 1 - Shadow Gambit
An impossible quest for a legendary item.

I love questing for loot.

And the more difficult the quest, the greater the reward. So when I'm offered a chance to retrieve the ultimate treasure of all, I signed up. Yet no one warned me the task would be impossible. Against overwhelming odds I'm also expected to defeat an ancient evil - one with the power of a god.

But you know what?

Some loot is worth risking it all.

Book 2 - Shadow Hunting
The most powerful player in the gaming universe wants me dead.

Now I have a price on my head with tens of thousands of bounty hunters out to kill me. But I can only run for so long. I need to put an end to this madness once and for all. If I'm going to die, it will be on my own terms.

The tables must be turned.

Time to go hunting.

Book 3 - Shadow Wars
I'm a loot-hunting adventurer, not a general.

I play online MMOs for exciting quests, to level my character and find cool loot. Not to lead armies.

But now I have to fight a battle to get the quest item I desperately need. I've never commanded troops or built bases or strategized an attack more complex than a dungeon raid. When it comes to war, I'm a complete noob. Yet, defeat isn't an option. I've got to win or everything I've worked so hard for will be lost.

So, they want a war?

I'll give them one.

Book 4 - Shadow Blade
A hallowed weapon hidden in a jungle hell.

Forced to prove my worthiness to an elite group of players, I must earn the right to enter one of the most notorious locations in the game.

The Emerald Caldera has a fearsome reputation for chewing up would-be adventurers and quickly sending them back to the newbie zone. Filled with dungeon temples, monstrous beasts and dark-magic cults, the jungles of this mysterious island are deserving of respect.

And I must plunge headlong into them because it is here where I can find the next elusive item in my Legendary Armor Set:

The Shadow Blade

ebook EPUB
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