At Korsun: A Historical Tale From Ukraine

Adrian Kashchenko Taal: Engels

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17 century Ukraine. Cossack Mykyta returns home to Korsun after ten years of absence. There, he meets a young woman Prisya, falls in love and gets married. They are happy together but things are not that happy for Ukraine. The country and its people suffer under the Polish rule. An uprising is brewing. The Polish army comes to Korsun, and one of the officers is harassing Prisya for sexual favours. Mykyta kills him and runs to escape punishment. Prisya is taken to the castle as a prisoner. Now, only Cossacks and maybe great Bohdan Khmelnytsky himself can help the husband and wife to stay alive and to unite again.
A love story of two Ukrainians on the background of battle of Korsun.
With the preface of the translator and a map of the battle.
About the author: Adrian Kashchenko (1858 - 1921) was a Ukrainian writer and historian. Most of his works were published 1917 - 1919, during the independence of Ukrainian People's Republic. After 1921, when Ukraine became a part of the USSR, his works were forbidden. His books appeared in print again only after Ukrainian independence in 1991.

ebook EPUB
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