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The Men from Rancho Bravo


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The men from Rancho Bravo have just driven five thousand head of Longhorns north from Texas to Abilene, Kansas. Once the herd has been sold, the men look forward to sampling everything the cattle town has to offer. But foreman Jay Durango has other ideas. The men had better toe the line, or they’ll have Town Marshal ‘Bear River’ Tom Smith to deal with. But when a fight breaks out following a visit to Abilene´s opera house, the Rancho Bravo boys—including Billy Calhoun, Tom Calhoun’s youngest son—wind up in jail.

It never rains but it pours. And while his men are locked away, Jay encounters an old enemy in the shape of gunman Lee Kedrick, who has some plans of his own.

Lee Kedrick wants to become rich any way possible. No matter if he has to kill for that ...

Jay is the only man who stands in his way.

Alfred Wallon is an acclaimed western writer from Germany, who published his first novels in 1981. His westerns are based on historical facts and received very good book reviews – not only in Germany, but also in England and the United States. Wallon´s historical SAN ANGELO COUNTRY series is an epic family saga and marks an important milestone in his career. This Omnibus collection THE MEN FROM RANCHO BRAVO contains the first three novels of this series: SHOWDOWN IN ABILENE, GUNFIGHTER´S LEGACY and KIOWA REBELLION.

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