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Sectarianism in Islam


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Drawing on historical evidence and the Islamic instructions, Sectarianism in Islam: Power, Tribalism and Commercial Interests provides readers with the knowledge needed to recognize that sectarianism is and has long been an effective instrument for manipulation, endorsed and utilized by powerful players. The book is a careful reflection on and exploration of a subject that has fundamentally changed the course of action for various political and ambitious actors. The book challenges readers to place events in their historical and social contexts, without ignoring the existing political maneuvers. Furthermore, it underscores the power of the mind in the rise of Islamic civilization. The author provides powerful arguments essential for understanding the interplay of various actors who have exploited sectarianism to enhance their positions and achieve their goals. Several evolutionary stages of sectarianism are identified. Though tribal conflicts took place before the inception of Islam, after the rise of Islam rivals projected themselves as religiously motivated. In recent years, two powerful players have espoused contradictory allegiances, which have further divided the Muslim world. The book, in fact, shows that the past and the present are alive and that they profoundly shape the memories of various communities today, and possibly for many decades to come. Sectarianism in Islam: Power, Tribalism and Commercial Interests challenges you to let go of common myths, assumptions and uninformed beliefs that have been treated as given facts. The book addresses certain difficulties and setbacks that are pressing social and political actors to shoulder their responsibilities in the face of misconstruction and destructive strategies that have led to tragic events. Indeed, the book is not only a relevant work of scholarship, but it is also a practical call to enhance civility in conduct and circumvent pointless conflicts.
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