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Kelly's Journal


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Sexy 21 year old Kelly is a self-confessed slut. She just loves having sex!

In this saucy volume of Starfuckers, she lets Serena read her sex journal, shares her story of a wild threesome with two gorgeous men, and tells her naughty encounter of breaking into a celebrity rehab. To finish things off, Kelly gives Serena her first lesbian experience - will sexy star Mike Butler join them?

Warning : for adults 18+ only. Contains explicit languages and graphic sexual scenes.

This book can stand alone, or be read with Starfuckers #1 - Serena's Story. These two books are also now available in one bundled edition.

August begun buttoning his shirt, watching out of the corner of his eye. I could see he was fully erect again.

“She's a little slut, isn't she?”, he nodded to Tripp.

Tripp continued to fuck me, tugging my hair as he thrusted.

“Yeah, you're telling me!”, he said, smacking my bottom so hard it left a red mark of his hand.

“Maybe we should see how she handles two cocks at once?”, August suggested, leaning over the bed to shove his cock into my mouth. I gave a small nod of approval, as I fucked him with my mouth.

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