It?s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful

A Self-Acceptance Prompt Journal (Mental Health Gift, Self Love Book, Affirmation Journal)

ALLAN, Kate Taal: Engels


€ 18,95

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A Lesson in Self Acceptance from Affirming Animals "Spending a few minutes every day meditating on TheLatestKate's illustrations and words of wisdom offer encouragement that you can face any challenge that crosses your path." Susyn Reeve, Author of Heart Healing #1 New Release in Anxiety, Phobias, Mood Disorders, Stress Management, Depression, and Religious & Inspirational From the creator of the bestselling book, You Can Do All Things, comes a whimsical, interactive guide to practicing mindfulness, self-love, and creativity. Work through anxiety and depression and celebrate your own uniqueness. Depression and anxiety are topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about, but that doesn't mean they should be avoided. With the help of her adorable support animals, art blogger Kate Allan urges us to be mindful of our mentality. Through encouraging self-love affirmations, mindfulness activities, doodle ideas, and journaling prompts, this affirming animal therapy book helps us sort through and express our feelings. Self-help journaling with a creative twist. It's Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful is a self-love guided journal that meets us where we are-in the midst of the feelings that say we're not enough, we won't make it. Allan's captioned illustrations help confront the thoughts that lead us to believe our weirdness makes us weak. Young and old, we are encouraged to love ourselves exactly as we are. Inside, you'll find: A source of colorful and creative validation for the struggles you face Anxiety-reducing visual art and journaling prompts to understand and process your mental health Support animals that come along with you wherever you need them If you're looking for mental health gifts, creative books, or encouragement books-or enjoyed Made Out of Stars, My Friend Fear, Start Where You Are, or You're Weird-then you'll love Kate Allan's It's Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful.
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