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It Must Be Love


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The Flirty Forties and Nifty Fifties series continues with Joy’s children.

Joy’s 32 year old son Michael is a successful family solicitor who attempts to keep families together and encourage them to work through their problems. A single man he has been content with his life for many years and has accepted that there will be no children due to a rugby incident. The discovery of his mother’s existence has turned his life upside down and since meeting her friend and manager of the All Dunn Inn, his thoughts have turned to settling down and marrying the woman his heart cries out for... Beth who is older than him.

Beth Carter takes life as she finds it, is content with her hobbies of astronomy and card making. Adores her job and her best friend Joy, until a one night stand with Joy’s son causes upheaves her life in more ways than one. His courtship of her is unusual to say the least and when an unexpected gift arrives in the shape of a young girl, Michael’s support and commitment to them is unwavering.

A mystery unravels when unexpectedly Michael’s older sister Julia disappears. With the family falling apart around them can they work together to forge a stable relationship between them, or will Julia’s actions end up causing a rift?

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