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Good Girl Gone Bad


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Nicole is what most people would describe as a good girl. Back in high school she earned straight A’s. In college she’s earned a spot on the dean’s list. She even goes to church every once in a while, even on Sundays that aren't Christmas and Easter.
However there are the explicit fantasies and the naughty stories, not to mention the nympho best friend that loves to share all of the details of her late night encounters. Nicole wonders what it would be like to be a bad girl. She’s not a virgin, but she’s not experienced either. She wonders what she’s missing out on, but at the same time afraid of being labeled a slut or worse.
Yet she can’t deny her attraction to Dave. He’s older, rumors surround him about the other women she’s involved with, but Nicole can’t deny her feelings for him. No, her lust.
Will this college coed be able to keep her desires under control or will she explore what it would be like to be a bad girl? Warning: This story contains over 6,000 explicit words.

Snippet: "He grinned at me as he headed back towards the rooms. While he tanned, I debated whether or not it was the smile of a friend or a different kind of smile.
I had other thoughts too. Thoughts that made me want to slide my hands into my shorts. I imagined knocking on the door to his tanning room and when he opened it, throwing myself into his arms."

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