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Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching


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Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching - Practitioner's Manual for the Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) Approach to the Prevention and Remediation of Learning Difficulties brings the ground-breaking concepts of Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) to an entirely new audience. Expanding on the original work of the late Norwegian Educator Magne Nyborg, authors Andreas Hansen and Kelly Morgan have written this comprehensive English text manual for professionals in the Educational-Psychological fields at all levels of preschool, elementary and secondary school, illustrating how to apply the principles of SCT to students who struggle with learning. The authors offer an overview of the theories that underlie the SCT approach as well as present user-friendly explanations and examples of practical lessons and exercises. In addition, applications for acquiring specific language skills integrated with relevant knowledge that are crucial to the learning of school subjects and skills in most content areas are described. The authors also present several case studies using the SCT approach to help struggling students to develop the appropriate prerequisites for learning in relation to language development and academic subjects in the schools and, in this way, improve their "ability to learn". This includes the development of:

  • Basic Conceptual Systems (Color, Shape, Size, Position, Place, (Surface) Pattern, Direction, Number, Time, etc.) and their related Basic Concepts, which are made verbally conscious through oral language skills
  • the ability to perform Analytic Coding – multi-faceted description of an item/event or an analysis of the similarities and differences between two or more items or events
  • positive expectations towards learning
  • the ability to direct and take control of their attention
  • the ability to prolong and expand their short-term memory (STM) and working memory (WM) by consciously applying language in these processes
  • the use of language as a tool for further thinking and problem-solving
  • the ability to apply a precise and decontextualized (or situational independent) language when it is needed in communication, thinking and learning
  • A wealth of over 30 years of teaching experiences and research projects related to Systematic Concept Teaching have shown striking evidence of the effectiveness of SCT. These results have repeatedly demonstrated positive outcomes for students having varying learning difficulties, who have struggled with their learning of language, reading, written language, and other school subjects and skills of different kinds. Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching is a must-read for any professional who wants a research-based and practical approach to helping those students who continue to struggle with the language and skills needed to be an effective learner.

    This book also provides the reader with website access codes for an expanding series of supplemental SCT resources available on the companion website to this book*, The Systematic Concept Teaching Resource* website*,* including an SCT "curriculum" designed for the prevention of learning difficulties.

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