Organisational Behaviour

Andrew Creed Taal: Engels


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People and their relationships define the contemporary workplace. Organisations exist because of people's needs, desires, functions and dealings with one another; therefore, organisational structure and strategy must be relationally responsive. Taking current thinking about organisational behaviour and contextualising this with compelling management themes including, ethics, communication, negotiation, and decision making, this textbook provides deep insight into significant organisational behaviour topics including learning, diversity, motivation, leadership, power, groups, teams, culture, change and job design. Attending to the environment of complexity and global organisational reorientation, the text illustrates how managers can utilise proven theories of people and relationships in the workplace to be responsive and relevant now and into the future. Organisational Behaviour is the ideal text for a one semester course. It provides an integrated view of the subject, which models the kind of application of theories and facts that is associated with deeper learning. Real examples throughout the text focus attention on how organisations in Australia, the Asian region and globally are responding to issues of conflict and negotiation, ethics and decision making. Practical case studies illustrate concepts and motivate students to engage with the book's content. Written in a clear, accessible style this text provides an essential introduction to the subject.
OUP Australia and New Zealand
Management, Economie & Communicatie
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