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A comprehension passage is a real or unreal story designed to test your ability to understand what is explicitly stated; your ability to make deductions from what is explicitly stated; your ability to discover the purpose and the stand of a writer; and your ability to identify different points, bring them together and present them as an answer.

It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you how to understand a comprehension passage.

It clearly explains that an efficient reading is fundamental to tackling a comprehension passage. This being so, one of the greatest assets you should posses is the ability to read fast enough. Be a fast reader!

It analyzes the several hints that will enable you to increase your reading speed. It throws light on the basic steps to take if you want to increase you reading speed.

It analyzes the distinctive techniques of comprehending a passage. It sheds light on the steps you will take in order to tackle a comprehension passage.

It contains several model comprehension passages that will enable you to master how to answer questions on comprehension passages. It even gives the answers to the questions that follow the passages.

And it also contains several comprehension passages that are carefully selected in order to test your ability to answer questions that follow a comprehension passage.

ebook EPUB
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