Chase the Cold Away


Bearers, #5

Anya Byrne Serie: Bearers | Taal: Engels

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Detective Elliot Trainor joined the Bearer task force for a simple, if slightly vague reason—to help people. At the time, he wasn't counting on meeting Dimitri Orlov.

Dimitri is beautiful, intelligent and fiercely decisive. He's everything Elliot could ever want in a partner. He also can't stand Elliot, even if he is apparently attracted to him. Half the time, they're at each other's throats, and the other half they want to tear each other's clothes off. No, that's inaccurate. Sexual chemistry and extreme annoyance tend not to be mutually exclusive when it comes to Elliot and Dimitri.

And Elliot would try to pursue Dimitri, to at least exorcise the tension with some no-strings sex, but Dimitri deserves better. Besides, it's never a good idea to enter a relationship with someone who isn't his mate.

The tension explodes when they get snowed in, and the heat sparking between them is strong enough to melt away any kind of ice. But things are never that simple for Elliot and Dimitri. A threat is stirring in the shadows, and a distant power awakens in Dimitri's heart. What will these new tidings bring for the unlikely couple?

ebook EPUB
Anya Byrne
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