Advance and be Recognised:

The Autobiography of A. W. Stapleton 1896 - 1978

Arthur William Stapleton Taal: Engels


€ 14,95

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Advance and Be Recognised: The Autobiography of A. W. Stapleton 1896 -1978 is an absorbing life story. Arthur was a young man from working class roots, who was thrown into the horrors of war. He was a machine gunner in WW1 and an Air Raid Warden in WW2. Arthur Stapleton founded Advance Electronics before retiring a wealthy man. 'Reading his words was like seeing a blood-filled horror film play out in my mind. My eyes saw the scene evolve, my mind absorbing the vision of mangled corpses hanging on wire. Bodies unrecognisable as individuals, surrounded by severed limbs, half submerged in mud. Death without dignity. 'It was not a story about a faceless soldier facing death on a daily basis - it was about my dad. I learned more about him after his death than when he was alive. I would like you to know him as well.' These words are by Marion, the author's daughter, adopted from within the family. This autobiography is an absorbing read, both for those interested in WW1 and in what it takes to succeed in business.
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