Stealing a Second Taste (taboo public sex)


His Forbidden Fruit, #2

Ava J. Smith Serie: His Forbidden Fruit | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 2,41

Stealing a Second Taste (taboo public sex)

ebook EPUB

€ 2,41

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Abbie was glad nothing life changing came from that one reckless encounter with Fr Stefan that surreal day three weeks ago. It had been a one time thing and she would be glad to keep it that way. She would and she should. Hher resolution found a shaky ground, however, when the handsome youth pastor managed to get her alone at a deacon's house...


Stefan was leaning in closer and Abbie stepped back to try and balance herself, only to gasp softly when he grabbed her, his mouth quick to follow hers. She moaned when her bottom lip started to throb, a big hand squeezing her waist, pushing her to meet a hard chest.

The other hand was cupping her cheek possessively, keeping her in place as he pressed even closer to drink in all of her — and she could not turn away.

Seconds ticked by and his caress grew urgent and more intimate; Abbie moaned when teeth grazed her swollen lip. His tongue quickly slid in and she whimpered, working her hands until she could finally pushed him back a little bit.

"Wait, one more," he whispered, already pulling her back into his arms. His mouth was mindless and greedy now, his chest obscenely close against her.

Abbie moaned and closed her eyes, helpless when she realized her own body was arching to meet him, her lips soft and swollen, yielding under his kiss.

When his tongue pressed for entrance Abbie started and pushed him away, harder this time.

"We're at Mrs Thompson's place," she whispered when he finally broke off.
"I'm aware," he told her, his mouth was back on her, nibbling on her jaw.
"Stefan..." she whispered again, her hands fighting to keep him off her, desperately trying to keep her own desire in check. His thumb was caressing her cheek slowly, casually matching the way his lips were brushing every millimeter of her delicate neck...

ebook EPUB
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