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Dumped and shacking up with the town's bad boy all in the span of one week—that was not how Heather Davis would describe herself but she could barely recognize herself now.

Everything post Jace Mercer was unbridled, inexplicable. But at least, now she was safe from the hot, simmering need she felt for Jace's brother, Logan.

Or so Heather thought.


Inside the bathroom, I threw cold water onto my face. What the hell, Jace was not around tonight, what did I care about my makeup.
Of course, after I saw my face in the mirror I hurriedly patted my skin dry and reapplied my powder and mascara.
I could try telling myself I wanted to look my best to spite Will but I knew it was not true. What, or rather who, I wanted to look good for was standing outside, waiting for me to step out.
I put my face in my hands and let out a breath. What was going on? I was, for all intents and purposes, with his brother. Even though it was nothing exclusive or serious, Jace and Logan were brothers. What was I thinking?
I did want Logan for a long, long time but... I was with Jace now.
Come on, Heather. Pull yourself together, you're not seventeen anymore.
Stepping out, I felt a small relief that Logan was not standing outside. I turned to walk the short length of the passage and noticed that he was waiting at the end.
My heart skipped a beat at the sight. He was tall and, lounging against the wall that way, his frame looked like it was all length and lean muscles.
I took a breath and realized it was difficult. Steeling myself, I made my way down and smiled up at him.
Logan gave me a look and I only had a split second warning before his hand took hold of my head and his lips caught mine under a scorching kiss.
I let out a shudder and Logan pressed closer, his hand pulling me by the waist and I could feel his thighs against mine, muscular and strong.
His tongue was wet and hot, teasing me until I couldn't breathe. I gasped and unwittingly parted my lips, moaning softly as Logan slid in, sensuous and raw.
My head spun slowly as he continued teasing me, his tongue moving slowly, heavily. The tension inside my stomach was coiling tight and I arched under Logan, begging for air.
He relented, pulling slightly back, his lips pressing quick sucks on my swollen lips while I gasped for breath.
I bit my lip when a big hand cupped my face and forced it up. I couldn't, please, I couldn't meet his eyes...

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