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Death's Soldiers MC - Antonia & Beast


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Love ain't nothing but a knife to the kidney, causing you to bleed to death.

My twin brother's love for me was what got him killed. Joshua was the best brother any girl could have wished for. We grew up thick as thieves. I live every day with the guilt of his death.

After my brother's untimely death, I swore never to be weak and helpless again.

The only person I care for is my best friend and sister by choice, Quinn. But even her, I keep secrets from.

It was never my plan to settle down in Lineville, Arizona. I never thought the day would come when I would call an outlaw motorcycle club for my family. I most certainly didn't expect Beast that bastard biker with nasty scars and a sexy smirk to change my life in more ways than one.

I was starting to get my life back on track when it crumbled to pieces once again. All my dirty secrets were revealed and someone who was supposed to be dead turned out not to be so dead after all.

Will Beast and the Death's Soldiers come to my rescue or will my lies cost me their love and protection.


My first kill was my own father. He was an abusive son-of-a-bitch who got what he deserved.

I devoted my twenties to be a sniper in the Special Forces. I was damn good at my job until I were dishonorably discharged. Now, I'm the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Death's Soldiers MC.

I've spent my life doing the dirty work nobody else want to do. I have no inner quarrels with it. Unlike others, I crave killing. I need to cause people pain to be able to breathe.

My head is swarmed with the nightmares that I've lived through. I got the scars on my chest, back, and face to prove it. Not to mention an injured knee that causes me to limp like a cripple on my worst days.

I am a Beast.

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