Before Tomorrow Comes

Barbara Baldwin Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 3,50

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Five women with tender hearts. Can they find the love they deserve before tomorrow comes and their secrets and pasts are exposed?Christmas loves the holiday she is named after but loves her childhood sweetheart even more. Can she convince him to come back—to the town where he belongs and to her?Molly buys an old mansion to renovate; and to get as far away from her ex-husband as she can. Is it possible to also restore her broken heart and will the mysterious man she meets on location be the one to do it?Richelle loses her brother and father in the war and is being forced to marry another. Will the man she truly loves be able to save her before it is too late?Meredith leaves a comfortable, if unhappy, life behind but finds herself out on the street in the cold. When she saves a man from being robbed, he tries to show her his gratitude by offering her a place to stay. Does she want to return to her street life when he offers her more than a roof over her head?Emma is racing away from trouble when her car slides into a snowy ditch. Can she trust the man who rescues her; with her life and her heart?

ebook EPUB
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